We partner with inevitable people.

We provide leverage, access, and acumen through aligned principles.

We partner with founders at the pre-seed and seed stages.

At Atman Capital, every founder in our egregore is a partner of the fund.

How do we partner

In what type of companies does Atman Capital invest? 

We are early-stage investors in technology and technology-enabled startups in the US and Latam. We invest in the following themes: B2B software, Commerce, Consumer, and Fintech.

How do you invest?

We invest under what we call a multiplicative model, meaning that if one of the core elements is not in place, we don't invest as the final output would be 0.

What is the model?

The equation has three elements:

i) market size
ii) team
iii) product.

Market Size
We are market first investors. VC is all about the people. That being said, we must form independent thinking first and find the right people later since one must have the right team in the right market to have outsized returns. The opposite is not true. For us, a large market is a minimum of $2B bottom-up in 5 years. Anything below is usually not a fit.

We partner with inevitable founders. You can learn more about our definition of an inevitable founder in the Atman Manifesto.

Simply and tangibly, we must clearly understand and see that what you are building is 10x better than the status quo.

What is your usual check size?

We write $250K-$1.5M checks, mostly in pre-seed and seed rounds.

Do you take board seats?

Occasionally we will temporarily join as observers, but these are rare cases.

How do you add value to your founders?

At Atman, we partner with our customers for life. We try to offer a life-long product that improves over time from work done via Atman Bequest and the Atman Egregore. Once you are a founder that is a part of Atman Capital, you too have a seat at our General Partnership – if you source a deal for us, you get rewarded carried interest in one of our funds.

How is life post-investment?

We have a simple framework defined as unlimited favors, but only one at a time. This way, we keep clarity with our founders regarding serving you and your team. Additionally, as venture investors, we help you with:

i) fundraising
ii) hiring
iii) go-to-market

How do you make investment decisions?

Our goal is to always get back to you with a decision or next steps in less than five business days.

Do you lead rounds?

It depends on how early we arrive at the table. Frequently, we are in a position to set terms and have no issues doing that.