Sarah Tulin

Sarah Tulin

Partner, Head of Platform
Human Design Type
Generator, 4/6
Personal Motto
If it's not a HELL YES, it's a no.
Previous Experience
SFOX, Routefire, WalkMe, Summit, Techstars, Oxie, Urban Recruits and Kairos
Personal Tags

Aries / Doughnut connoisseur
Leftie / Serendipity creator


At Atman, I specialize in our community offering (Atman Egregore) and investments in the web3 and crypto space.


My mission is to introduce founders to a wide spectrum of thought-provoking modalities that encourages them to partake in their journey of alignment, higher purpose, and self-discovery.As having a "4-profile" in Human Design would suggest, I joined Atman through a long-time colleague in my community - Pedro Sorrentino whom I met in 2015 when I was at Techstars running Oxie, a hardware company I co-founded.

Over the years I have enjoyed working in a variety of industries starting as a translator in the Israeli Navy as part of required IDF military service and then moving on to working in a neuroscience lab at Stanford. After quickly realizing that lab life was not for me, I returned to Israel where I co-founded two companies, one in recruitment (Urban Recruits) and the other in hardware (Oxie).

By way of a missed flight, I landed in San Francisco five years ago and began my career in the software and crypto space. I was the first hire at Routefire (acquired by Coinbase) and most recently I was at SFOX where I led strategy and prime services for institutional investors and professional traders.

The Kairos Society and Summit are two communities that I’ve also had the opportunity to partake in that have shaped me today and led to some of my most meaningful friendships. While still in Israel, I served as President of Kairos Israel and later when I moved to the US I advised their cooperate innovation. Since coming to the US I have been part of every flagship Summit event and have participated as both an attendee and ambassador.

When I am not exploring the unconventional and working with founders, I enjoy spending my free time volunteering with refugees and high school students. My volunteer experience has taken me to Greece and Jerusalem, where I’ve participated as an instructor in the MEET program.